As a participant in the  Shelter Animals Count, Everything Grey Greyhound Haven is proud to report our statistics which tell us where we are, where we’ve been, and where we want to go. 


 From Track/Farm142719

Relinquished By Owner1510

Stray/At Large012

Not Adopted previous yearn/a686
Total Intakes

         LiveAdoption 93033

Still in program as of 12/31686
         OtherDied in Care010
  Medically Necessary Euthanasia
Total  Live Outcomes 15 3839

Lifesaving Percentage

Note: Life saving percentage is calcuated by dividing the Total Live Outcomes by the Total Intakes.

Shelter Animals Count | The National Database Project

Wendi Richard

I have always been a dog lover, owning many different breeds through my lifetime.  I became fascinated with greyhounds many years ago.  I started following a greyhound adoption group admiring the dogs.  My husband actually got me a greyhound puppy from this adoption group.  Bentley is truly my heart dog, I can't imagine him not being in my home.  I credit him with my passion for the greyhound breed and truly enjoy my work of finding furever homes for these awesome dogs!  Starting this adoption group with Ashleigh and Jessica is an amazing adventure and I'm happy to have them share it with me.


Ashleigh Menard

I'm Ashleigh and I live in Vinton, LA with my husband Zack, my 4 year old daughter Rylee, 2 greyhounds Willie and Lou, and 2 dachshunds Kyra and Ruger. I work as a vet tech and I've always loved animals. I was introduced to greyhounds by a friend in 2012 and fell in love. Their temperament and charm got me. I started out fostering before EGGH was formed, and I knew that I would always be a part of greyhound adoption for as long as I could. My own greyhounds, both of them were "foster failures", have brought me so much joy I wanted to share that with the world. These dogs are hard working dogs and deserve a couch to retire on. I love knowing I'm helping deserving retirees find their couches and families find that joy that only a grey can bring.


Jessica Rawlinson

I fell in love with Greyhounds the second I got my 1st foster. I am still amazed at how calm, loving, & passive these guys are & how quickly they adjust to pet life. I have had over 20 fosters and they have all fit right in w/ my 9 yr old son & my puppy Schnauzer w/ no issues. The awesome people I have met through the bond of this breed is no doubt another huge plus. Let one of these guys race into your heart, you will never look back:)


June 4th  2014 Everything Grey Greyhound Haven was founded by Jessica Rawlinson, Ashleigh Menard, and Wendi Richard.  Three women with a passion for retired racing greyhounds, who decided to take a leap of faith and start an adoption group.  We picked up our first retired racer, Gable Loan Wattie on August 18, 2014 from Gulf Greyhound Park.