​​​ Name: Shazam (KB's Shazam)

 Sex:   Female

​Birth date:  6/3/2014

 About Me:  I am a quiet girl who loves attention.

​​Availability  - Pending


​​​ Name: Zorro (DK's Superhero)

 Sex:   Male

​Birth date:  9/12/2013

About Me:  I am sweet loving boy looking for my furever family.

​​Availablity  - Available

​​​ Name: Zoe (KB's Zigzag Zoe)

 Sex:   Female

​Birth date:  12/17/2012

 About Me:  I am a sweet social butterfly.

​​Availability  -  Pending

Available Greyhounds

​​​ Name: Gucci (TK Gucci)

 Sex:   Female

​Birth date:  6/3/2014

 About Me:  

​​Availablity  - Pending

​​​ Name: Planet (Killer Planet)

 Sex:   Female

​ Birthdate:  3/22/2013

 About Me:  I am a sweet loving girl  with some Diva moments.  I do need  a fenced in yard and fur siblings to be happy.

Availability  - Available

The following are the greyhounds that we currently have available for adoption.  Please inquire about each dog individually regarding their friendliness with cats, small dogs and children. We test each dog multiple times prior to placement.