Colt is enjoying her retirement in New Iberia Louisiana

McGee ( Not So Smooth) is now doing his relaxing in the Garden District of Lake Charles Louisiana.  


5/30/09 - 9/24/19

Punch (KB's Power Punch)  is living in Lake Charles.

Slatex Camille is now living in League City  Texas with Nova and his human.

Field is now living in Nederland Texas with lots of fur sibilings.

Haley  has  joined Mia Rose's pack in Labelle Texas.  

Waylon is now living in Beaumont Texas.  Enjoying retiremnet with his grey brother Mick.

Rigs is now living in Vidor Texas.  He has  his own kid and fur siblings.


Pepe is now living in Lake Charles Louisiana.  Enjoying retiremnet with his grey Sister Mystique.


Taffy is living in Sulphur Louisiana with her own little girl and 2 grey brothers.

Melvin is enjoying being a lap dog in his retired life in Orange Texas.

​                 RIP

HS Rascal Flat is loving life in his Lake Charles Lousiana retirement home.

Rush (Slatex Goldrush) has retired to Lumberton Texas.

Aly is happily living the good life in Lake Charles Louisiana.

Starbuck (BW Ballys Topper) is living in Houston Texas and is now known as Starbuck. 

Brooke (Amber Rocks) is spending her retirement with her new mom and cat sibling in Alexandria Louisiana.


      10/12/07 - 8/20/18   

Frio is now living in Sulphur Lousiana

Peek now known as Maggie has joined her own pack of grey siblings in retirement in Orange Texas.

Tess is enjoying retirement in Nacodoches Texas.  She has a confident Grey brother who is teaching her the ropes.

Montery has moved in with Starbuck (BW Ballys Topper) and is living in Houston Texas.

Lucy (Turbo Leprechaun)  now lives in Sour Lake Texas.

Copper is now living in Ragley Louisiana. He was adopted by his foster family, who by the way are our #1 Foster Failure Family.

Slatex Riley live is Port Arthur with her own kitty sibilings

Daisy(Who's You Mad)  is now happily living in Katy Texas with her Iggy fur brother

Kat is spending her retired life in Houston Texas with her 2 kitty siblings.