Anthony now lives in Ragley Louisiana.  He has joined Tori & Rico and Mary in their furever home.  

Dovie who is now called Tina,  lives in Lake Charles Louisiana.

Katie (K10 Baby) now lives in Beaumont Texas.  She has lots of fur siblings and is loving retirement

Star Baby Drive now lives in Bridge City Texas.  She is enjoying her retirement and loving her grandkids!


​4/2005 - 5/2016

Sally  is now living in Nederland Texas  with 2 fur siblings and her own little boy.

Mick is now living in China Texas and loving Retirement

Wind is now living and loving retirement in Alderpoint California

Mite now lives in Ragley Louisiana.  He joined Jimbo and Sweetie in their home.



Demigod is living out retirement in Silsbee Texas.  It didn't take him long to figure it out!

Dink now lives in Silsbee Texas and joined Veto in her retirement home.

Coop is now living in Baytown Texas.  He has a little boy to call his own.

Jimbo now lives in Ragley Louisiana.  He is enjoying his retirement being spoiled by his mom!


10/27/04 - 7/5/18

After being with our group for over 400 days Sizzlen has found his guardian angel and is living out retirement in Lake Charles Lousiana.

Whitie now named Gus lives in Houston with his new family.

Jack now lives in Silsbee with Veto and Dink!

Indy  now lives in Deweyville Texas.  He has joined Oak in his retirement home.

Lo-Lo now lives in Beamont and has her kids!


Sweets now lives in Ragley Louisiana.  With her Brother Jimbo and lots of fur-cousins both greys and other breeds.

Palm  is now living in Taft Texas.  

Rush  is now living in Lamarque  Texas.  


​7/2011 - 5/2017

Morgan is now retired and loving it in Houston Texas

Nova is living out his retirement in League City Texas

Flame is now living in Pearland Texas.

Creep is now living in Humble Texas

Milan is totally into his new retirement home in Lake Charles Louisiana.

Jorge is now retired and loving it in Humble Texas