​​​Shop (Barts Borntoshop)


Blondie (Blonde Bomber)
is loving retirement in Houston Texas.  He will be able to Visit AJ anytime.

Sally (OF USS Salute)

is loving retirement

 Fly (WW Electric Fly)

Gus now lives in Ragley Louisiana.  It didn't take him long to make himself right at home.  

 WW Detective - Tec

Summa is now living in Beaumont Texas.  She is loving Retirement with greyhound brother Sirraco.

  Cheers (Barts Cheerstou)


Cutie (WW Executioner) now known as Freya is loving retirement

​​​ Mango (Canaan Mango)


Drake (Got it Good)

 WW Sleigh Bells - Bella in now living in Louisiana, loving retirement.

 Lena is now living in Nederland Texas with her greyhound brother and her fur sister Gamora.

Instagram  is now living in Groves Texas.  She is loving Retirement with her family.

 Mint (Canaan Mint Chip)


 WW Arroyo Grande - Arie is loving her retirement in Beaumont Texas.  With a grey-sister and 4 other fur sibilings of all shapes and sizes!